Mizani 2PC Holiday Gift Set

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• A holiday gift duo from the best-selling 25 Miracle Collection

Kit Includes:

• 25 Miracle Milk Multi-Benefit Leave-In Spray- 8.5 oz

• 25 Miracle Nourishing Oil - 4.1 oz

25 Miracle MilkMulti-Benefit Leave-In Spray

• Moisturizing yet lightweight formula with fennel seed oil and sustainably-sourced coconut oil works miracles as an effective deep leave-in conditioner.

• Repairs the follicle and treats dryness to control frizz and create soft, manageable hair across all textures and hair styles whether it's coily, curly, wavy or straight.

25 Miracle Nourishing Oil

• A luxurious hair treatment with natural oils and Vitamin E, penetrates deeply and absorbs instantly.

• Lightweight with 25 benefits for both skin and hair!

• Leaves hair manageable, shiny, and beautifully moisturized.


25 Miracle Milk

• Ideal for All Texture and Curl Types

• Paraben and Sulfate free

• Free of drying alcohols and mineral oil

• Best-seller that is the first step for every style prep
1. Detangles
2. Helps even out porous hair
3. Controls Fly-aways
4. Ideal cutting lotion
5. Makes blow-drying easier
6. Adds shine
7. Safe for color-treated and natural hair
8. Style refresher
9. Instant results Protect
10. Protects hair during brushing
11. Provides heat protection
12. Helps shields against external aggressors - protects against pollution and UV rays
13. Helps prevent split ends
14. Improves manageability
15. Hair primer for styling with hot tools and blow drying
16. Seals the hair cuticle, repairing damage Moisturize
17. Nourishing leave-in conditioner
18. Lightweight results
19. Controls fly-aways
20. Reduces dryness
21. Helps condition transitioning hair and curly hair
22. Adds smoothness
23. Aids in restoring softness
24. Gives a silky touch
25. Combats frizzy hair and controls frizz

25 Miracle oil Moisturizing Benefits:
1. Nourishes Hair
2. Moisturizes Hair
3. Softens Hair
4. Softens skin
5. Hair feels supple
6. Hair looks less dry
7. Cares for hair Strength Benefits:
8. Reduces breakage
9. Revitalizes curls Stylist/Styling Benefits:
10. Gently detangles
11. Can be used pre-shampoo
12. Eases combability
13. Enhances natural texture
14. Can be cocktailed with other Mizani treatments
15. Won't weigh hair down
16. Controls Frizz
17. Smooths hair
18. Hair looks radiant
19. Makes hair easier to style
20. Hair is more manageable Protection:
21. Helps protect against environmental stress
22. Helps protect against dryness
23. Paraben Free
24. Silicone Free
25. 99% Biodegradeable